How do questions work in Mindstamp?

Mindstamp questions are one of the best was to create powerful, interactive experiences with any video. You create a question by clicking the Question Mark icon in the lower right on the video. You can then choose different question types, including:

  • Free Response - Ask any open-ended question and allow your audience to share their thoughts back freely.
  • Multiple Choice - Pre-define a set of answers with powerful tools to control what happens next, including jumping to a new section of the video, opening an external website, collecting lead information or triggering an email, phone call or text.
  • Video Response - Request that your viewer record their response with live video. This is especially powerful for validating the success of training materials.
  • Voice Response - Request that your viewer provide a verbal answer / confirmation / feedback on a specific section. This is especially powerful for education and training.

Example of a free response question below:

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