How do settings affect sharing?

When you create a video on Mindstamp, you'll first be dropped into a section called Settings. Some of these settings directly control how sharing will work with Mindstamp. You can read a full article on every Setting here. With respect to sharing controls, some key Settings include:

  • Privacy - Videos can either be Public, meaning anyone with the link can see the video, or Private, meaning users have to be explicitly invited and create an account with Mindstamp to see the video. In both cases, we record information about viewers and their interactions with your video in your Contacts section.
  • Participation - This determines what controls your audience has when you do share a video with them. Your viewers can either respond only to your prompts, including replying to notes or answering/interacting with questions, OR they can be active contributors to the video, enabled to add their own original notes, commentary and questions.
  • Visibility - You can determine if every member of your audience can see everyone else's notes, comments and questions (Collaboration mode), or if they should only see your and their own interactions (Presentation mode).

With that combination of controls, you can deeply tailor how your shared videos are received, consumed and interacted with.

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