Mindstamp for Education

In a world where 80% of global internet consumption is video, and with the demonstrable power of video in education through services like Khan Academy and Udemy, the tools of education are being transformed. But static video is just the start. Educators and students are leveraging the power of Mindstamp to create interactive, personalized and tailored videos that become even more valuable in courses, classrooms and study groups. 

Today, Mindstamp is being leveraged in multiple ways to enhance education:

  • Professors annotate a recorded lecture to add context, insight and links to additional resources
  • Students collaborate alongside a video resource to enhance study materials, share questions or thoughts and emphasize specific content.

Mindstamp has special pricing models for educators, so if you are a professor, teacher or university, please donโ€™t hesitate to reach out by visiting help.mindstamp.io and starting a conversation.

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