Mindstamp for Sales

In a crowded and competitive selling landscape, effective salespeople need every edge to stand out. And in any complex, enterprise or personalized sales cycle, ensuring a prospective client deeply understands how a specific offering will address their desired outcome is critical, and often takes multiple steps. This is especially true when there are multiple influencers and decision makers.

Progressing such a sale takes time, and while everyone knows that time kills deals, time also provides an opportunity to deliver multiple, relevant and increasingly personalized impressions to the key stakeholders in a sale. Increasingly, the highest value impression that can be delivered is through video. 

But producing videos is expensive and time-consuming, and with marketing teams stretched thin, an effective salesperson either has to leverage generic brand and product videos (attempting to make them relevant through emails or live walk-throughs), or find third party videos that convey a key point or message and live with anything inconsistent or off topic.

Mindstamp solves that problem for sales teams. With just a few clicks, Mindstamp lets anybody take native or hosted video (including YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia) and add text notes, video/audio commentary, questions, call-to-action prompts, lead capture and dynamic navigation.

With these tools, effective salespeople are using Mindstamp to:

  • Take standard marketing materials and quickly personalize and contextualize them for delivery in email or on personalized landing pages.
  • Highlight and emphasize specific product features or capabilities that are most directly relevant to a prospect to increase engagement.
  • Gather incremental insight about their customer’s needs or priorities without an interrogation.
  • Direct customers to more detailed information when they’re ready.
  • Review analytics to see if the message is getting across or where points of confusion and drop-off exist.

If you sell today and use video, Mindstamp is the tool you’ve been waiting for. Connect more deeply with customers. Gather insight faster. Optimize your impressions through the sales cycle. Go to mindstamp.io and try it for free.

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