Video Settings on Mindstamp

Mindstamp gives you powerful tools to determine how your audience interacts with your videos. When you first upload or link a video to use with Mindstamp, you'll be presented with a series of setting options.

Some basic settings include:

  • Video Title - This is presented on the opening thumbnail of the video when you share it.
  • Share Message - This is also presented on the opening thumbnail alongside your personal profile image (which defaults to your initials). This helps you personally address your audience before they get started with your video.
  • Branding - A premium feature, this allows you to wrap your videos with your logo and color scheme (instead of Mindstamp), including on the video itself for embedded videos.
  • Privacy - By default, Mindstamp videos are Private, meaning only those users with registered accounts on Mindstamp can view your video. This allows you to directly track who is viewing your video and how they interacted with it. Otherwise, you can set the video to Public and everyone will be able to access it with a link. In either case, viewers become your Contacts in Mindstamp.

Keep scrolling past the image below for more settings.

Additional Settings include:

  • Participation - Decide if you want viewers to be able to add their own notes and questions, or simply respond to your posts, which includes adding replies to your text notes.
  • Visibility - Determine if you just want your viewers to see your and their interactions (notes, replies and questions), or if you everyone who has been invited or has the link to see everyone else's notes, commentary and questions. Pro Tip - If you want to create groups of users who can interact together, you can always make a copy of a video with all your notes and questions to share with a new group.
  • Layer and Seekbar - Allow your viewers to easily adjust the speed of playback or to jump (15 seconds forward, 10 seconds back) in the video.
  • Viewer Info - Determine if you want to collect viewer info, which can include name and email, and when you want to collect it. Options are at the beginning of the video or on their first interaction (e.g. - responding to a question).
  • Thumbnail - Accept the default thumbnail or upload your own.

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