What are my different options for sharing a video?

As the owner of a video on Mindstamp, you will see tools for settings and sharing on the upper right of your video when you have it open, like below.

When you click on sharing, you'll see different tools for sharing the video, including:

  • Copy Share Link - This simply captures a URL for the video that is hosted on Mindstamp. That URL will honor your branding (logo, color scheme, etc.) if you are on Core or Pro tiers.
  • Copy Popout Embed Code - This allows you to open the video in a full window from another website, creating an immersive experience with maximum screen size and engagement. The interactive demo on the home screen for Mindstamp is a Popout Embed.
  • Copy Inline Embed Code - This allows you to fully embed a Mindstamp video, including all interactions and tools, into your own website.

You'll notice above that the video is a Private Video. This is configured in Settings. For Private videos, only individuals with a Mindstamp account associated with the email you designate will be able to access your video. You can add or remove access via Edit People, or choose to eliminate that barrier by making the video public, which will allow anyone with the link to see it.

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