Who can see the notes that I add?

You have deep control of how your audience interacts with videos on Mindstamp. Those features exist under 'Settings' when you are viewing / creating your video. Settings include:

  • `Privacy - Videos can be set to allow anyone with the link to view the video, or set to require a sign-in. Requiring sign-in ensures you have explicit visibility into who has watched your video and are guaranteed to capture contact information.
  • Participation - This determines if viewers can add their own notes and questions to the video, or if they can only respond to your requests (for instance responding to a question or replying to a text note).
  • Visibility - You can decide if everyone sees everyone else's notes and comments (collaboration mode) or if viewers can only see your and their interactions. NOTE - You can always duplicate a video if you want to have groups of collaborators.

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