Who is Mindstamp for?

Mindstamp makes it easy to take any video and add text notes, video/audio commentary, questions, call-to-action prompts, lead capture and dynamic navigation. If you need to take any video - be it a corporate brand video, product how-to or YouTube review - and make it more personalized and interactive, Mindstamp is for you.

Mindstamp works with native videos and any video hosted on existing sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia. So no matter where your video exists today, you can use Mindstamp to make it even more valuable. Coupled with comprehensive analytics and a fully embeddable solution, Mindstamp lets marketers, salespeople, educators and support teams know exactly how well video is delivering against their objectives.

How are professionals using Mindstamp today?

  • Marketing - Marketers use Mindstamp videos to gather more insight about prospective leads by turning video content into a conversation. By layering in questions and allowing viewers to quickly navigate to their top interests, marketers enhance their knowledge about what matters most to their prospective customers.
  • Selling - Sales professionals use Mindstamp to take generic brand and marketing videos and to personalize the experience to their targeted client. By adding notes and video commentary, sellers can demonstrate deep knowledge about their prospects, gather information to refine proposals, and increase their ability to best serve their client’s needs.
  • Educating - University professors and students add notes and discussions to videos of lectures or online education resources to drive more efficient and collaborative learning.
  • Training - Training teams and leaders use Mindstamp to optimize and streamline how standard video training materials are communicated to specific audiences, be it for internal training or customer on-boarding.
  • Support - Support teams create a deeper and more productive and rewarding connection with customers by enhancing the information on and targeting standard support videos to the unique customer need.


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